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Dryv delivers a healthyboost of sustained energy and helps support brain functions,including memory, mental speed and focus. Dryv Mint delivers a smooth coffe experience with Just the right amount of sweetmint, Never bitter,not too sweet,just right.It's refreshing experience made with blended coffee and our proprietary nootropic energy blend. Dryv Vanilla gives you  and balanced experience made with blended coffee and our proprietary nootropic engergy blend.Never bitter,not too sweet, Just right Caffeine No Tobacco No Sugar Each Pouch - 1/2 Cup Coffe Vitamin B12 L-Theanine Pack Contain 15 COFFE ENERGY POUCHES For Order Inquiry  2037 Woodbridge Ave Edison, NJ 08817 Phone: (201) 565-2245 E-mail: Sales@aksharimprints.com   

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