Why you wear Onyx Necklace Chakra Yoga ?

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Why you wear Onyx Necklace Chakra Yoga ?


  • In our rush to “get it all done” at the office and at home, it's easy to forget that as our ... Stress can zap our concentration, make us irritable or depressed, and harm our body, this called Mental Stress, Why not

      Try with our Natural Onyx necklace to be free from Stress.


Handcrafted Necklace from a mixture of Chakra Stones, metals and resins, giving each its own unique and original appearance. Also made from Semi-Precious Beads. Each Bead is Hand-picked and threaded on durable Cotton String to ensure the best Quality.


108 Mala Beads Necklace allows you to position your Orgone Pendant over the Heart optimal protection. And it is a Symbol of the Removal of 108 kinds of Trouble. They are believed to promote Mental Harmony and Health.


This Chakra Necklace Promotes a Self-confidence, allowing for more objective view of the world and empowering to live or work in Challenging environments and situations.

Each Spiritual-coloured energy healing crystal is strongly connected with a Specific Chakra to raise your emit Positive flow of Energy.


High quality 7 chakra Necklace can reduce negative emotions of the wearer. Different crystals play different roles. Perfect jewellery for yourself or people who are Special in your life. Ideal Gift for Wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Daughter, children, Eternity, Wedding, Party, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New year and Anniversary Day.



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